August 1, 2012

Focusing Focus Ring

camera ring

This focus ring thing is getting out of control over here. It didn’t take very long after we built the first one before someone said “Yeah but can you make it move like a real lens?”

Of course, I can. Before my dad ran off to Oshkosh to photograph at the air show we cooked up a moving focus ring prototype. I’ve got some tweaks to make yet before it is ready to for actual production, but I’ve also got orders for focus rings queuing up like crazy, so maybe I’ve got a second before I need to finish the fancy version!

This version is in 14k white gold and moves from infinity to macro focus. You can spin it one way for when you’re looking out to the future and the other for when you’re focusing on the task right in front of you.



There has been a lot of interest in this ring! I’m still working on a production model of the ring, if you’re interested in learning more about the ring when it becomes available, please sign up below.


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