Don’t delete your old work!

grandma shot in black and white with fuji gs645

“Pictures aren’t for deleting,” it’s something I used to say to people when they’d tell me to delete a photograph from my camera. You never know what is in that photograph, why toss it off so brazenly? No one has to see all the images, let’s give it a minute to breathe before we just […]

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The shot you want vs. the shot you get

dance party

It’s always super fun when I get to design jewelry for folks I really like. I made some very unique custom rings for my friend Dani’s wedding that began with the brief, “I want a purple gemstone. Y’know, purple like Prince,” and ended with a few broken amethysts and a giant purple sapphire. Unfortunately, this post […]

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Brain Pendant – interpreting MRI data

MRI brain pendant

I’ve been exposed to a lot of hospitals and medical imaging lately. It’s been interesting in a lot of different ways, obviously looking inside of people is pretty amazing, but so is the fact that I can easily interpret the data into jewelry! This is a pendant I did recently tinkering around with some MRI […]

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